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From Kevin to 'Wander with kevin'

Wander With Kevin

I’m glad you passed by. Now since you did, let me tell you more about “Wander With Kevin” – Goa’s Finest Travel Blogger & Vlogger!

Hello there

I’m Kevin Pinto, the only son to my parents, born and brought up in a serene village of Goa and exploring the Goan lifestyle since 1994. I’ve completed my bachelor’s degree and currently filling in as a Digital Marketing Team Lead at a reputed agency in Goa. Apart from this, I am a freelancer photographer and of course, a ‘die-hard’ Foodie – The Foodaholic Panda (as they call me). All things considered, I could have been simply one more regular guy, happy with a regular job and a regular life – but ‘Regular’ isn’t something that I really want and something that Life didn’t decide for me.

My Journey

journey_kevin (2)

So, here’s my ‘Not-So-Regular’ story

I’ve had a knack for travelling since I was a teenager (of course not as much as I do now) and for photography, totally! Photography, especially portraits and landscape has always been a part of my life and so, travel has been like an embedded emotion in me. Here is where you can have a little sneak-peak into my photography shots! Then came college life! I had gotten admission for Architecture – UNBELIEVABLE RIGHT? Yes, because I was undoubtedly good at art but like it happens to everyone, it happened to me. Someone told me, “Bhai, Engineering lele…Life ban jayegi”. So, there we go – born another Electronics Engineering among the pouring pool of engineers in India.

Hand-in-hand with photography comes travel. So, I never stopped travelling. At this point, I might have not travelled as many places but yes, I travelled frequently and ensured that I utilized my free time to travel places that brought me peace and comfort. Therefore, I strongly believe that there was not a specific point or time where I started my travel journey – it was there all along…Just that it took me a while to realize that this is WHAT I LOVE!!!! Little did I know that I would become a travel vlogger & blogger in Goa. As time passes, I live my life with only one aim – to be recognized as on the best Indian Travel Blogger and represent my country while I stand among the top 10 travel bloggers and vloggers in India.

This gave birth to “Wander with Kevin” – The Goan Traveller…

Travel is something that I can never give up on and this will-power comes through the tattoo that I got on my right hand after manifesting that I am going to travel as much as I can. As a travel vlogger/blogger in Goa, I know that this is just the beginning of my journey and there is a long way to go. “I can do it. I have it in me. I am much more than I know” – these are the phrases that helped Kevin Pinto become Wander with Kevin and are still my guiding phrases that help me push up to the peak, with a motive to be known as one of the best Indian Travel Blogger and Vlogger & stand among the top 10 travel bloggers in India.…See you at the top!

Got Any Travel Questions?

On the ‘Wander With Kevin‘ website, you will find some of the best travel blogs of places in Goa, India and other parts of the country. Mostly important, you will get the most helpful travelling and travel vlogging tips, right here in the travel blog section. Also, the website has a food blog section where you will some distinctive food blogs related to restaurants & food in Goa, India and other parts of the country, along with some homemade recipes. You can always get in touch with me if you have any queries, questions or clarifications.

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