More Than Just Food: Authentic South Indian Dining Experience in Goa

If you ask me, I personally love South Indian food. All my near & dear ones know that I crave for eats like Dosa, Medu Vada, Idli Sambar and everything that’s South! Since a kid, my dad always took me to a vegetarian restaurant and without asking what I would like, he used to order for a Masala Dosa because he knew that it was my favourite. However, South Indian food is much more than Idli-Vada-Sambar.

Imagine this. Traditional music humming in the backdrop, the scented fragrance of incense sticks enveloping you, appealing sight of a home with traditional Indian décor and the aroma of steaming authentic South Indian food served on a banana leaf– what feeling could be better than this for a South Indian food lover? But, finding a place like this in Goa which offers an authentic South Indian dining experience was totally out of the map until I discovered Sappadu – The Weekend Popup.

Authentic South Indian Dining Experience - What is Sappadu all about?

The word ‘Sappadu’ is a Tamilian term to describe a platter of dishes like Rice, Poryal, Payasam and more, representing an assortment of flavours from sweet to spicy. Just like this term, comes into picture the story of how Priya & Anuj, a young couple who holds these weekend popups at their home, here in Goa, came up with this mind-blowing idea. They decided to quit their busy workaholic lifestyle in Mumbai and come down to Goa for good..and why not? The most quaint and peaceful place, away from the chaos is definitely Goa! Gaura & Maya, who help Priya with the cooking & household chores and coming from a Tamil origin once cooked some really delicious South India food that flattered Priya and Anuj which put this idea of “Why not start with something authentic” and this gave birth to Sappadu.

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At Sappadu, they organise weekend popup’s every Sunday where you can visit them at their residence in Anjuna for a complete authentic South Indian meal, served on a banana leaf -a truly original South Indian dining experience, right here in Goa. Sitting down and savouring a full-course South India meal has a complete different homely feeling..Doesn’t it?

My experience at Sappadu – Authentic South Indian Food in Goa

I visited this place a few weeks ago, and I received a joyous welcome by Anuj & Priya. Their home was decorated with flowers & Indian artifacts, traditional music playing in the background, harmoniously mixing with the sound of the heavy rains and the aroma of food, made me feel like I was at the residence of a local in Kerala – such a homely feeling! Anuj & Priya started laying down the banana leaves for us, while Maya & Gauri rushed into the kitchen to grab the dishes for the popup.

They organise these weekend popups every Sunday, and each popup has a unique and curated menu with a variant of South Indian dishes that you’d savour until the last bit. However, they offer meals on Wednesdays as well, but these are Mini meals only meant for takeaway & home delivery.

As they started to serve, dish by dish, we just couldn’t resist getting our hands over the food – the aroma was so real & authentic. There were 10 different dishes on our leaf – Rice, Sambhar, Milagu Rasam, Thayir Sadam, Mysore Bonda, Poriyal, Semai Payasam ,Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu ,Chutney and Appalam. I didn’t know where to start; everything looked so inviting.

I cannot describe in words, the taste of this food – the kind of food that not only fills your tummy but fills your heart and soul and it took me straight back to the memory lane of my Kerala trip where I visited a local restaurant for lunch.

full course south indian meal in goa

Everything was so good that it’s hard to choose the best, but my personal favourites was the Sambar-Rice serving topped with Pure Ghee, the Mysore Bonda which had a taste similar to Medu Vada & Semai Payasam (kheer), and I’m sure you would love it too.

Planning to Visit Sappadu for an Authentic South Indian Dining Experience in Goa?

Experiencing South Indian hospitality here in Goa is rare, but Sappadu is one of those places which offer the most genuine & authentic regional food and hospitality that will not only fulfil your South Indian food cravings but will also satisfy your soul – this kind of satisfaction is occasional and different.

Here are some important details that you need to know about Sappadu:

Popup Meals: Sundays only (In two slots: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm)

Takeaway: Sunday & Wednesday (Mini Meals)

Price: Rs. 400 for popup & Rs. 350 for takeaway

Location: Near Panjabi café, Gaunwadi, Anjuna Mapusa Rd, Bardez, Anjuna, Goa. (You need to take the small road on the turn just before Punjabi Café and then take a right..Below is location for Punjabi Café)

They are currently not available on any delivery app and they do the delivery by themselves. Also, payments are accepted via GooglePay, Paytm or cash. 

Takeaway or popup, you will need to book your slot at least a day in advance (pre-orders are always preferred) because they have limited seating and food arrangements to be made. Also, you might be a bit sceptical about stepping out during these unforeseen circumstances but be please be assured that they follow all the hygienic measures (sanitiser/handwash available at the entrance) – also, it’s home food!

To Conclude

I’ve visited so many restaurants in my blogging career, tasted so many different varieties of food and met so many new people, but the experience that I got here was different. And this was mainly because of the hospitality offered to us by Anuj & Priya – they made us feel like home. I felt as though I was at a home in the South, talking to wonderful people and relishing a delightful South Indian meal.

For all those who seek for the original & authentic South Indian (homely) dining experience in Goa, you surely know where to go! Don’t forget to share your thoughts with me in the comment section and dig into my colourful little feed on Instagram. Time for a group photo – say cheese!

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