Something Sweet. Something Different: Dielle’s Cakes & Chocolates

While the pandemic has restricted us from doing so many things that we love, it has also given us a direction to explore new opportunities. Many of us have started with new hobbies, especially cooking and baking. Well, I too love baking, but I think I was looking out for something different, something unique (which I couldn’t bake by myself) and that’s when I happened to sight this beautifully setup cake shop with classy shades of pink – Dielle’s Cakes & Chocolates.

About this Cake Shop

Dielle’s is a newly opened cake shop in Madel, Thivim, which offers a wide variety of customised cakes, pastries, chocolates & freshly baked snacks. Their beautiful outlet is undoubtedly an eye-catcher, but the choice of cakes & other items out here is even more hard-to-resist. They seem to be doing pretty well even during these times of the pandemic as I’ve often spotted some folks out there, while I am on my way back home. I always wondered what the hype was all about until I tasted their pastries and realised that every bite is totally worth it. 

dielles cake shop inside view

Cakes, pastries & chocolates at Dielle’s are exclusively made with superior-quality ingredients that give them a unique and rich flavour. You will always find them experimenting with unique flavours of cakes, pastries, and chocolates – ones which you’d not find anywhere else, not at least the kind of taste that they provide.

About Their Cakes

What makes their cakes and pastries so different? Well, let me throw some light on what I tried at Dielle’s Cakes & Chocolates.

Firstly, I started off with the Lemon Curd Tart, which comes with a creamy filling of lemon curd where the very first bite makes you feel like you are in Paris. The crust was just perfectly crisp, and the lemon zest didn’t feel too sour as well; a perfect blend I must say!

I was heartily tempted to try the next pastry – Chocolate Brownie Garnished with Dark Chocolate Truffle. As delicious & sophisticated as the name suggests, this brownie has a mild-sweet flavour which elevates to the next level as you start to feel the taste of the garnished dark chocolate truffle.

I think the brownie would seem to be incomplete without this topping. This is a must-try!

chocolate pastry chocolate brownie in plate
rainbow mousse picture

The next thing was something that I’ve had my eyes on for such a long time, and why not – a colourful-layered Rainbow Mousse Cake. Heard of a “Rainbow” mousse cake before? I never did until this one. It is light and creamy with a mix of multiple flavours and tastes great when consumed at the earliest. It wasn’t too sweet either & ideal for those who don’t like overly sweet stuff. However, someone who is a sweet tooth might prefer a sweeter version of the mousse.

Coming to the best and my favourite, the Purple Velvet Cake because Red Velvet is too mainstream (P.S.: Red Velvet is still my favourite though 😛 ). If there is one thing that you need to try out at Dielle’s, it is their Purple Velvet pastry. 

The layers with a beautiful purple hue are so soft, moist & yummy – it only makes me want more and more. It has just the right contents to make it taste absolutely delicious. 

This one’s definitely going on my ‘favourites’ list!

To Conclude

Well, apart from this, they have a wide range of exclusive and flavourful cakes, pastries, chocolates and savouries. They also have provision for sitting and ample of parking space right in front of the store. Moreover, Dielle’s specialise in customised cakes, hampers, corporate gifting and more, which you can check out, here. They strictly follow the COVID-19 guidelines, so be assured of receiving only the best quality products on your order.

dielles cake shop outside view

If you ever visit or order from Dielle’s Cakes & Chocolates, don’t forget to tag @thatfoodaholicpanda on Instagram and do share your reviews in the comments section. Happy Snacking!

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