Goan Foodies Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in Full Swing: Chaturthi Sweets & Savouries

Goan Foodies Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in Full Swing: Chaturthi Sweets & Savouries

India is known for its diverse culture and a variation of vibrant festivals. And why not? We Indians love to celebrate our festivals with the utmost excitement. India depicts so many religions celebrating so many festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas and a lot more, in every state of the country. Today we are going to talk about a very popular Hindu festival that we all long for – Ganesh Chaturthi.

When it comes to festival celebrations in a state like Goa, we are known for ‘Unity of Diversity’ and irrespective of the religion, we all partake in the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi with equal enthusiasm, where we invoke Lord Ganesha and seek his blessings for wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. In Goa, people visit their natives and deck up the house with colourful decoration, set up the traditional Matoli and cook delicious food & sweets! Speaking about food & sweets, we have so many talented foodies in Goa who are all set to welcome the festive season with a variety of tantalising Chaturthi sweets & savouries. Let’s take a look:

Ganesh Chaturthi Sweets by Goan Foodies

Ukadiche Modak or Steamed Modak

Steamed Modaks, also called Ukadiche Modak, are prepared in a steamer pan and are the most common variety of Modaks that you will see during Ganesh Chaturthi. Sita & Shweta Ilkar from MuchFood are presenting this plate of tempting Ukadiche Modaks and here’s what they have to say “UKDICHE MODAK are traditional Indian dessert dumplings made with rice flour and coconut jaggery stuffing. It is specifically made during the Indian festival of Ganesha Chaturthi. It is believed that these steamed dumplings are Lord Ganesha’s favourite and hence it is offered as Prasadam/ Naivedyam during this festival time.” This is something that all Goans have surely tasted and if you haven’t, you need to, right away!

ukdiche steamed modak ganesh chaturthi
fried modak ganesh chaturthi

Fried Modak

This is another variation of modaks that you will find in your thali, which are so delectable & juicy – I can still feel the taste as I merely speak about it. Mahima, from Kitchen Frame decided to prepare her favourite fried Modaks and here is what she says “Fried Modak is made during Ganesh Chaturthi in every Hindu house. Modaks are believed to be Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet. Fried Modak is a festive Indian sweet made with a delectable filling of coconut, jaggery and cardamom wrapped in thin layer of dough. These bite-sized dumplings are then deep fried to a crisp golden-brown perfection.” Her words make me crave for this even more.

Chocolate Modak

Who ever thought that Chocolate Modak would even be a thing? But since long, foodies have been coming up with some creative recipes and one of our Goan home chefs, Kiran Kavathankar has prepared these delicious Chocolate Modaks. 

Here is what she says “Ganpati Bappa was fond of eating sweets. Modak being one of his favourites, which also has religious significance and without which celebration is incomplete. So, this Chaturthi I’m serving Lord Ganesha with sweetness of chocolate in every bite.” Time to grab a chocolate modak!

Milk-Cream Modak

A lot like modaks, known as the Modak Pedas or Milk Cream Modaks – these are mainly made from Milk Powder & Cream. On this very auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, our very own Goan foodie, Puja from Hoggers Maps who has prepared the Milk-Cream Modaks, 

says “Ganesh chaturti!!! What comes to everyone’s mind when we remember our lord Ganesh…..modak!!!! Right?? He loved modak and the best part I can say is that he loved food alot….same like us all foodies …we also love food..on his day of Ganesh chaturti I have made milk cream modak filled with love …and he is ready to eat my modak.” You can always ask Puja for the recipe.


Nevri, also called Nevreo/ Neurio are apparently the most important part of most of almost every festivals in Goa – may it be Diwali, Christmas or Ganesh Chaturthi and to keep up with the tradition, Goa’s very first veg food blogger, Ankita from Veg Food Trails has prepared quite some delicious & crispy nevreos. “Today, we have prepared nevreo at our place – it is one of most primary sweets which is prepared for Chavath with a variation of stuffing; some stuff it with coconut & Semolina while some with Gram flour. I love Nevri so much that I can have at least 5 – 6 in a day”, says Ankita

nevreo goan sweet

Milk Pedas

Pedas come to the rescue to every “Kuch meetha ho jaye” statement and since Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival of sweets, Ruben (our very own Goan masterchef) from Masterclass.de.r7 has prepared a plate full mouth-watering Milk Pedas. Here is what Ruben believes “Pedas are festive sweets for all occasions, be it for Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali or any joyous occasion. Doodh Pedas or Milk Pedas symbolism purity & the bond of sweetness & togetherness.” 

Ruben continues, “I love pedas because the ones which I make melt in the mouth and I can go on eating them”. If you’re a fan of Milk Pedas, do join Ruben on his “sweet” little food journey, this Ganesh Chaturthi


Chakli is a very popular savoury that is undoubtedly present in the snacks tray of almost every Indian family. And for an occasion like Ganesh Chaturthi, we normally prepare Chakli at home, along with the other sweets and savouries. Here is one such Goan foodie, Vandita, from Tasty Tales, who has prepared some crisp and crunchy homemade Chaklis on this auspicious day.

homemade chakli ganesh chaturthi savoury

She says “Chakli or Chakri is the scrumptious savoury Indian snack mainly prepared during festivals like Chaturthi and Diwali. These spiked spirals define the perfect blend of spices and crunch.” This sounds just perfect! “Going through the spirals while making chaklis and then deep frying these in hot oil is indeed the best motivation I ever got that no matter what circumstances one faces, going through it is the only way through and at the end it’s always worth.” adds, Vandita.

Mangane (Chana Dal Kheer)

I always love to sum up the Ganesh Chaturthi thali with something sweet and there is nothing better than this purely delicious Goan sweet dish called as Chana Dal Kheer or locally known as Mangane. Prepared by our very own Goan foodies, Vrushali and Pranali from The Diary of Bhukkads make it special by saying “Mangane is a Goa’s sweet delicacy that is prepared by adding chanyachi dal (Chana Dal), Sabudana , Elaichi & coconut milk together. This sweet dish is very commonly prepared for almost every occasion/festival in Hindu Goan families. We, Bhukkads just love this sweetness in our plates since childhood!” They definitely added the sweetest touch to our Chaturthi.

So, you see…Our Goan foodies proved that they would never let the festive spirit die, even amidst the pandemic. Not only did they prepare these variety of dishes, but they also presented them so well (as you can see in the images above). There are so many other sweets, delicacies and food items that we prepare for this festival. We might not be able to visit our relatives & friends due to the current situations, but we can definitely enjoy some family time & some great food for this Ganesh Chaturthi at our homes.

Until then, stay updated with some regular food blogs, tips, genuine reviews, recipes and more, at ‘That Foodaholic Panda’ or simply hop on to my Instagram profile for a mesmerising food feed!

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