Isolated Staycation in Goa, amidst Nature: Casa Caisua, Vagator

Sometimes, all you need is a quiet sitting corner in a faraway, quietly tucked home amidst nature. Especially when the Pandemic is hovering around, most of us prefer vacationing in isolated locations. Luckily for me, I chose to opt for a 3-day stay at Casa Caisua, an independent & isolated homestay / villa in Vagator, Goa. This place had me from the get-go; it had my heart from the minute I saw the pictures of this gorgeous Villa in Vagator. But as I stumbled into the property, I was in for a surprise, the kind of surprises I wish most vacations were made of.

The Villa lost in nowhere land - An isolated staycation in Goa

Okay, Vagator is as close to nowhere land considering the beauty, calm, peace and serenity Casa Caisua offered. This place flaunts its beauty and yet soothes your soul. I love my travelling life, no complaints, but who wouldn’t like a break or two where you do nothing but just chill. 

isolated staycation in goa casa caisua kevin pinto goa

This property did just that for me – more like the idea isolated staycation in Goa. It acted as the perfect rejuvenating getaway, like a home away from home. Just to add, nothing feels more safer than having the entire home for yourself – more isolated!

The Charm and Aura at Casa Caisua

This place oozes of complete serenity lost amidst some Lucious baby banana trees. As you enter, you get this huge place all by yourself, and guess the best part? You have everything done for you and offered to you in the most luxurious way possible. Guys, there’s no other way to be pampered silly but this. I was quick to become friends with the super friendly caretaker who offered any and every kind of assistance. The vibe there forces you to take a deep breath and just chill because there’s no other way, right.

isolated staycation in Goa

The Rooms at Casa Caisua, in all its Glory!

Not speaking about this exquisite restored Portuguese Villa rooms would be a gross disservice to the place and you! This place has the warmest and comforting bedroom cum sitting room, which was huge to encompass all my procrastinating needs. I lazed on the sofa, vibe to some music on the bed and couldn’t stop staring at the vibrant colours this space offered.

And boy, oh boy, the bathroom deserves a special mention. They’ve truly made the bathroom space a luxury for your necessities. It’s one of the places where you forget for how long you’ve been taking that hot shower because it is just so relaxing.

luxury villa goa outdoor bathroom

But work you must! As much as I needed this isolated staycation in Goa, I also had a couple of urgent work calls and some deadlines to stick to (in such a pretty place? I KNOW!). To beat the blues, I shifted to the backyard, and man, was that the right thing to do? It was so quiet, so peaceful (with a strong Wi-Fi connection even in the backyard)! This truly was turning out to be every mid 30’s, working-class person’s dream staycation. When the excel sheets get too boring, just shift your gaze to the stunning plantations all around. Stress is inversely proportional to the vibe of this place. (p.s.: they have a shower on the outside too).

work from home at villa

Add to this a beautiful kitchen that allowed me to make coffee as I like it. With all its basic essentials, I did not miss home food.

Looking for an Isolated Staycation in Goa?

To conclude, this place truly had my heart, and there’s nothing more I can tell you than just urge you to book this place and experience it. The plantations, the vibrant colours, the rooms and the quiet peace this place offers was truly something. To make this even better, the booking, hosting and staying experience was absolutely hassle-free. Bonus, the caretake helped engaged me in some cashew roasting. Honestly, what more can a travel buff ask for?

Why to book Casa Caisua for you Isolated Staycation in Goa?

As responsible travelers, it is our duty to travel safe and ensure that we follow all the covid protocols. Keeping safety as a priority, most of us (at least me) prefer staying or vacationing at isolated locations because that keeps us at a distance from coming in contact with other travelers. Therefore, many questions arise before we book a stay, like:
• Is it safe to stay in Goa?
• Is it safe to vacation during covid?
• Where to go for a vacation during covid?
• Are the hotels in Goa following covid protocols?
• How can I spend 3 days in Goa during covid?
• Which is better North Goa or South Goa?
• How many Goa villas are available?
• Which part of Goa is best for honeymoon?
• Which part of Goa is best for couples?
• What is the price range of villas in Goa?
• What are the best villas to stay in Goa?

The answer to all your questions in Casa Caisua. In these times, if you still wish to travel and need a break from the stressful work life, here are all reason why you need to choose Casa Caisua as your home for an isolated staycation in Goa:
• Completely isolated from the city
• Entire villa for yourself
• Central A/C Controlled
• Luxury Amenities
• High-Speed internet to WFH
• Backyard with plantation
• Kitchen with basic necessities
• Caretaker to assist
• Complete privacy & apt for couples or families
• Surround by greenery and nature
• Easy, assistive and quick booking

So, what are you waiting for?

You can now book your isolated staycation in Goa at Casa Caisua, and have a great and safe stay! 

Note: Please make sure you enter Goa with an RT-PCR negative certificate and try to travel after complete vaccination

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