Grab a Bite at MegaBites: Pocket-Friendly Café in Porvorim

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Many say that it is hard to find the right eat-out place or café around Porvorim. I guess, I too faced this issue at times, and I ended up heading to the Mall for the regular McDonalds Burger. Not anymore – thank goodness I explored this wonderful café in Porvorim called MegaBites. I no longer need to deal with the same old burgers when I can get a variety of delicious food at this café in Porvorim, and that too at an affordable price.

Where to find this café in Porvorim?

I visited this café in Porvorim, 2 weeks ago to explore some delightful bites. MegaBites is situated exactly opposite Mall de Goa in Porvorim, in the PDA colony near the Syndicate Bank ATM and is easy to locate on Google maps (if you’re new to Porvorim). Here is the location.

About MegaBites – Café in Porvorim

This is a small café in Porvorim which is so beautifully done with chic interiors and seating arrangement. Moreover, they strictly follow the safety measures adhering to COVID-19 – a sanitizer at the entrance, regular surface sanitization and hygienic food preparation. Let me tell you more about MegaBites. This café in Porvorim, owned by Namrata Nagvenkar, was set up in August 2019 and is well-known for its delectable burgers (veg & non-veg) and crispy grilled sandwiches. MegaBites, mostly visited by a young crowd is undoubtedly, an ideal place to hang out with your friends over the weekend. Alternately, people from the corporate sector in the nearby areas or office goers drop-in for a quick bite.

The place is well maintained, will a lovely wooden backdrop at one of the corners (for all the Instagrammers like me who can get a perfect backdrop for their photos) and cute little mugs placed on each table. Well, I could go on and on with the beautiful setup of this café in Porvorim, but it’s time to move on to the food. Let’s find out what MegaBites has on their menu.

What to Try at MegaBites?

As mentioned earlier, I no longer need to burn a hole in my pocket for an expensive burger when I can get some pocket-friendly snacks right here at this café in Porvorim. Their most promising snacks include the Chicken Burger, Chicken Shawarma Sandwich and the Korean Street Toast. Well, if you are vegetarian, you still are the right place because, frankly, their veg snacks are equally delicious. They specialize in Aloo Tikki Chaat, Malvani-style Vada and not to forget the Veg Burger. You would need something to sip on, after trying such amazing snacks, wouldn’t you? No disappointment – they have refreshing beverages on their menu which include Virgin Mojito, Oreo Shake, KitKat Shake, Mango Shake, Tea and more – all within budget.

Let me highlight some of the snacks and beverages that I tried here at this delightful café in Porvorim. The below is from my personal experience and is totally subjective from person to person.

Vada & Elaichi Flavoured Chai

tea and vada

Who wouldn’t agree that this is definitely the best combo? To be precise, this is not any regular vada that you’d find at other cafés around. This is a Malvani style vada which tastes perfect with a mix of mild spicy flavour when savoured hot along with a cup of steaming chai and you would find this, right here at MegaBites. The machine Elaichi flavoured tea, on the other hand, has a perfect blend of Elaichi (Cardamom) and goes pretty well even with a sandwich or any small snack that you’d want to try out here at this café in Porvorim. I am a tea lover and I am pretty much choosy about my ‘Chai’, but MegaBites didn’t fail to amuse me with their Elaichi flavoured chai – highly recommended.

Cheesy Nachos

What’s your favourite combo of nachos? Mine is Cheese and MegaBites got me right there when they presented me with their cheesy Nachos. These were just like any other regular nachos topped with cheese – crunchy & crisp but if you are keen on trying out some new styles of nachos then I’m not sure if you’d be excited as much. However, they are perfect if you are looking for a minimal snack over a casual chat with your friends.

cheese nachos

Veg Burger

Who said vegetarian is boring? Try out this scrumptious veg burger at MegaBites and then tell me in the comments section that you would totally agree with me *wink*. I wasted no time to take a bite of this burger and the burst of the harmonious flavours of spicy and tangy served the right purpose.

Did you know, this burger has 6 SAUCES!..Yes – Veg Mayo, Chipotle, Honey Mustard sauce, Tandoori sauce, Ketchup and White Cheese sauce. That makes this burger even more interesting. So, be assured that your vegetarian choice at this café in Porvorim is never going to fail you.

Korean Street Toast

How about trying something new? The Korean street toast has been derived from a popular on-the-go breakfast item which is a perfect fit for a new craving. It is a filling and mildly addictive toast, with a crunchy textured egg omelette, chicken, cheese and a variety of veggies & mayo. It goes well with ketchup and is ideal for breakfast, brunch or an evening snack with a hot beverage.

Just so that you know, MegaBites is the only café in Goa that serves Korean Street Toast 😉

korean street toast

Blueberry Iced Tea & Oreo Shake

If you want to try something refreshing, then the blueberry iced tea at this café in Porvorim is the best pick. It impeccably compliments a burger or sandwich and is an ultimate beverage to beat the heat – a rejuvenating chill with a hint of blueberry. 

blueberry iced tea

On the other hand, if you want to try something on the sweeter side, you can opt for the Oreo Shake. It’s just like any other regular Oreo shake (if you’ve tried any before) and is filling and chocolaty, for sure.

Serradura & Oats Choco chip Cookies

I want to start off with the serradura because I can’t tell you how much I have been craving for this, all throughout the lockdown. Once again, MegaBites didn’t fail to impress me with their profoundly delicious serradura – I personally loved it and I would highly recommend you try it out. 

2 cups of serradura
oats choco chip cookies

The oats Choco chip cookies, on the other hand, were instantly fresh & crisp, prepared from wheat flour and oat, which proves to be a healthy choice. If you love to snack on cookies, this is undoubtedly a perfect choice. Moreover, they also take orders for cookies at an introductory price of Rs.100 for 5.

Why to visit this café in Porvorim?

Well, there are many restaurants in and around Porvorim but a very few cafés, especially if you’re looking out for a pocket-friendly café to hang out with you buddies for a casual chat. MegaBites is one such place where you could drop by for a cup of tea, delicious snacks or savories – considering that they are totally safe and sanitized. Furthermore, there is ample space for bike parking & also a considerable provision for car parking too.

Once the lockdown is released, do hop in to MegaBites or find them on Swiggy and Zomato so that you can still enjoy your favourite snacks, sitting at home!

For more food reviews, eye-catching food photos and home-cooking, do visit my Instagram Page – Trust me, you’ll love it. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section below…  Adeus!

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