Travel Adaptions in India Post COVID-19

Booming economies and growing flight routes made the world more accessible than ever until the COVID-19 pandemic altered travel plans leaving us in debate of travelling again. There’s no denying the fact that we long for normal life to return. However, what will the world of travel be like after the pandemic? Here’s how people and perspectives changed while demands for travel and leisure paused, what you can expect in the future.

How is travel going to change in India after the decline of Coronavirus?

  1. Indian tourism will blossom
    Until the world recovers completely, international travel will be suspended. Nevertheless, travel within India may soon commence. Regions with low records of Coronavirus will turn into tourist hotspots and international travels may be extended toward Sri Lanka and Bhutan, where cases of the virus are under control. Before these changes come into effect, road trips, staycations and local travel will be the go-to options to soothe your desire to travel.

2. Hotel standards will change
Given that proper sanitation is one of the best ways to beat COVID-19, people will opt for recognised and hygienic accommodation brands in central locations. As a result, hotels will upscale sustainability and exclusivity to respect society’s sensitivity. Private homes and Airbnbs with pleasant surroundings and high reviews are also expected to thrive amidst the large hotels. Digitalisation will increase too along with on-ground health checks and obedience to guidelines for the safety of guests and staff.

3. Luxury Hotels will become affordable and Airfare will rise
The pandemic will transform the aeronautical ecosystem and will compel the industry to review and increase fares to accommodate only one-third of the normal capacity, meet new cleaning standards, and incorporate additional safety gear including masks, gloves, and sanitisers. On the contrary, innovative concepts of affordable luxury, value for money and flexible air tickets will restore faith in travelling. Similarly, luxury hotels and boutique rentals with loyalty programs will encourage more travelling.

4. Nature and Wildlife benefit and we turn to Responsible Travelling
While the world stays home, nature will be allowed to rejuvenate and replenish. Currently there are several reports stating lower pollution levels due to human inactivity. These clear benefits transform travellers and the industry to be more thoughtful, and slow down the demand for travel. Travel has the potential to benefit people when done in a meaningful way, like gaining cross-cultural understanding and developing greater empathy for the less fortunate and developing a global perspective. Once we realize this, we will be able to care about the future of our planet.

plant growing after covid19 pandemic

5. A set of Lifelong Cherished Experiences
COVID-19 sent havoc across the world but instilled in us a gratitude and appreciation for the life we have. It has also encouraged us to unite and act collectively for the greater good. We have begun to feel more thankful for family and basic necessities, thereby transforming luxury into simplicity and a life full of happiness.

The ability to wander may have been taken away temporarily, but the crisis has given us an opportunity to create new travel mindsets where travelling will be seen as a privilege and not a right!

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