Good Idea to Travel Alone? Here are some Tips (Genuine) for Solo Travel

Travelling solo for the very first time, can feel like a daunting experience as you won’t have a companion to rely on and especially seems close to impossible after the reign of the COVID-19 pandemic. This may cause you to feel vulnerable to the world. However, you need to understand that solo travels are riddled with ups and downs to teach you self-reliance and confidence.

During lone travels, your mistakes will become lessons and your triumphs will make your experiences more exciting. But, if you’re still scared of what to expect as a solo traveller, here a few tips to ease your way into the mindset of a brave traveller. These tips might not be of help right away since travel has slowed down due to COVID-19, but we see a ray of hope in the near future where you might be wanting to experience solo travel – hence here are some really really important tips:

Solo Travel Tips

1. Start Small
Before you can travel alone, you must get familiar with being by yourself. You can start by going to the movies, a restaurant, museum, or long ride without company. You can even go to places you’ve been to before or are comfortable visiting alone. If you get stuck, engage with the surroundings and interact with the locals on how to get about. After building your confidence within known environments, travel with family or friends, and extend your trip to stay back for a bit by yourself.
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2. Plan Ahead
When planning solo trips, it’s essential to do your homework in advance, as you do not want to be in new surroundings without a plan. While doing your research, lookup the place, its policies, visa procedures, and stay facilities (on Airbnb, MakeMyTrip, and Trivago).

Similarly, remember to compare accommodation options (on TripAdvisor), procure travel insurance to avoid major expenses, and prepare back-up plans as you won’t have anyone to watch your back!

3. Take Precautions
While the magic of the city lights is enticing, it’s advisable for solo travellers to stay sober and avoid being out late. When you do go out, stick to open, public places, and trust your gut if something doesn’t feel right. Also, ensure your documents are safely stored in your luggage and carry soft copies on your phone. Similarly, split your money in various locations to avoid losing too much in case of pick-pocketing incidences. Apart from this, the most primary precaution would be, everything to protect yourself against COVID-19. Make sure you are constantly wearing your mask (or face shield if required and gloves) and carrying a sanitiser wherever you go.

4. Stay Connected
During solo travels safety is of utmost importance, so keep your family and friends well informed of your whereabouts, through an itinerary or regular communication over calls, texts, video messages, etc. You can even chat with your hotel staff and inform them about your schedules before going out to explore.
5. Stay In Hostels
Hostels are pocket-friendly lodging options that welcome travellers of all ages. They also allow you to meet like-minded people. Hostels offer you the opportunity to move out of your comfort zone and be open to interact with people, make friends, and go on tours together.

As you can see, solo travel is all about developing a mindset that’s confident and open to new possibilities. If you can achieve this, wandering through new places, blending with the locals, listening and watching the world will be a relaxing experience even on your own. And, if your confidence falters, take in the experience slowly, bravely, one step at a time.

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