Keeping the Goan Bread Alive: The Poder Chronicles

Imagine what happens when your most delicious local favorite dish slowly starts to disappear from your hometown? Imagine not getting misal pav & Vada pav in Maharashtra; imagine not getting chaat in Kanpur, Delhi. What a horrendous thought, right? But unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening in Goa. Being a Goan myself, I too overlooked this shift from traditional ‘Goan Bread’ & its types not given the value they deserve (unlike the old days)..That’s when I heard of the “Poder Chronicles”.

The Poder Chronicles

 Poder Chronicles: A name that intrigued me from the get-go. Poder: meaning the local bread makers of Goa who would traditionally roam around the quaint streets of Goa with a distinctive horn letting people know their local bread seller is here. The smell of these freshly baked goods and it’s variety triggers good, warm and delicious childhood memories. 

Nolan Mascarenhas, who soon realized this gap and decided that the Poder needed some saving grace in all our meals, started this initiative in a bid to keep the lovely tradition of incorporating the classic bread and its variants as a delicacy, as something to be revered and treasured. He started the ‘Poder Chronicles’ – an initiative wherein the local Goan bread & its variants (with a twist) are brought into the spotlight for the guests and participants to ravish. It’s a calendared event that is touring across Goa, so if you love some good old bread, you know where to be.

Meeting the Man of the Hour - Nolan Mascarenhas

I happened to meet Nolan as he was busy rummaging through the prep for his third Poder Chronicle. It was my first time, and this time around, the location was at the Hilton, Saipem. Nolan was warm, and it was such a pleasure to meet someone who was this passionate about keeping the Goan tradition alive. 

He explained to me how this initiative was to marry the quintessential Goan bread varieties with newer cuisines and make a beautiful amalgamation that people would love to savor. It also helped the Poder keep up amidst the financial crisis.

The Event - Poder Chronicles 3.0

I was truly taken aback by the spread of bread, and its variety put on for us at the Poder Chronicles 3.0 at Hilton, Saipem. To add to it, the location itself was too stunning to miss. Imagine sitting overlooking a breath-taking landscape view, munching into some mouth-watering creations by Nolan & team. Kudos to Nolan and all the chefs for creating such extraordinary versions of the Goan Bread, each one with a unique Goan flavor that stays! It doesn’t get better than this, does it?

The Poder Chronicles
Urbano Cho Undo

And how can I miss out on the sheer variety of bread that was presented? Quite honestly, being a Goan myself, I was surprised to see how “Bread was made cool” (as quoted by Nolan) while I relished the Urbano Cho Undo, Sanduiche Porto, Faux Poie, Mary’s Lamb Borem Asa and more. I was munching on the varieties of bread because honestly, the next one was always competing in taste compared to the previous one.  To add to this, the summer heat was quenched by some tantalizing cocktails created by the very talented mixologist Rasikta.

The Poder Chronicles
Faux Poie
Mary’s Lamb Borem Asa
Sanduiche Porto

The Hilton, Saipem

The event was great, but it was truly the Hilton and its hospitality that was a cherry on the cake. It was stunning, the hospitality exceeded my expectations, and the location was just beyond my imagination. 

It was a memorable evening as I sat with friends and devoured the amazing tasting variety of bread loaded with insane innovation, watching the sunset.  All my senses were in for a treat.

I am glad I took up this opportunity presented by Nolan to experience the Poder Chronicles. I am already booking my calendar for the Poder Chronicle 4.0 because not only do you get to explore great food; you meet wonderful people (who are now friends) and you get to explore the real culture of Goa. I wouldn’t miss this opportunity, and you shouldn’t too. Until then, stay home – stay safe! Cheers!!!

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