Trip to Tambdi Surla

As Wander With Kevin goes on and my travel never stops, here I am, exploring a new place, walking new paths and emerging towards yet another beautiful destination. Hidden amidst the flora and fauna of Goa, lies a place called Tambdi Surla. Tambdi Surla is well-known for the most prestigious Mahadev temple and a gigantic waterfall that gushes down from a 50- meter height. The Mahadev temple is one of the most ancient and unique temples that still stands tall on the soils of Goa.

How did it happen?

I had been to Tambi Surla back in 2012 with my friends for a trek to the waterfall. Back then, I did not get an opportunity to explore much of the temple and the journey to Tambdi Surla. This triggered the thought of paying another visit to Tambdi Surla during the monsoons of 2019. Me and my friend picked up our belongings and rode to Tambdi Surla. On our way to Tambdi Surla, we encountered several places which were worth capturing. Shooting my vlog through the empty roads encompassed by dense forests, we finally arrived at Tambdi Surla.

What’s the story behind this place?

Let me put some light on the existence of the Mahadev temple. This temple was constructed in the 12 th century, under the power of the Kadamba Dynasty in Goa and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Being located at the foot of the Western Ghats (inside the area of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Century) and inaccessible to civilisation, this temple stood strong through several centuries and managed to survive the Muslim and Portuguese invasion. The details of the architecture are something that make me fall in love with the temple. The whole piece is built from dark Basalt stone, conveyed over the mountains from the Deccan plateau and extravagantly carved to perfection. If you minutely notice the unique architecture and intricate carvings on every inch of the walls, it speaks so much about the efforts put in to build such a beautiful monument. There is nandi situated in the centre, as soon as you enter the temple, surrounded by beautifully carved pillars. The locals celebrate the festival of Mahashivtratri will great zeal, paying respect to the Shivling situated inside the temple.

Devotees from various parts of the country come to this place to pay visit to the temple and then proceed to the waterfall. The waterfall is a perfect attraction for trekkers and mountaineers who are looking for an adventure. Me being one of them, I’ve always enjoyed trekking and exploring hidden place. An extensive waterfall like the Tambdi Surla waterfall gives me goosebumps – in a good way, I mean! I’m sorry I could not capture my journey to the water in my vlog due to lack of battery backup and very heavy rain that day. But here it is – we walked up through the dense forest to reach the waterfall. On our way to the top, we saw several species of birds, insects and not to forget the leeches (holding on to my feet). Passing through the difficult path, slippery rocks and hiding from reptiles (like snakes), we finally arrived at the waterfall. It was such a beautiful sight to see how the waterfall looks so breath-taking, flowing down a 50 meter height.

How to get there?

Tambdi Surla is located at a distance of approximately 69km from Panjim and 56km from Madgaon. If you’re like me who loves to travel by bike, it would be great. However, if you’re traveling with a group a friends, a car is always preferred.

We had a great time, but unfortunately, as I said, I could not get any footages due to no battery backup. Anyways, what was truly important for me was the memories. Not just the memories of the place, but more importantly, the memories of the journey.

With this, I conclude another beautiful trip in Goa

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