Exploring Underrated Waterfalls Along the Borders

It was a Saturday and I just couldn’t wait to head out on a long ride with my new bike – the excitement is different! My friend and I randomly planned to go for a bike ride this weekend to visit some waterfalls as I too didn’t visit many waterfalls this season. I’ve seen most of the prominent waterfalls in Goa, and this time it was time to step foot outside the state for some waterfall hunting.

We visited two beautiful waterfalls along the borders – The Tilari Waterfalls & Baba Waterfalls. I’m writing this article and sharing my experience (especially difficulties) so that the next people to go would find it much easier to reach either of the two places.

Tilari Waterfall, Maharashtra

We started off from Thivim at 6:00 am in the morning. Our first destination was the Tilari Waterfalls in the Tilari Ghats, via Dodamarg. It took us around 2 to 2.5 hours to reach the destination since the roads from Dodamarg to the foot of the Tilari Ghat are not in good condition. However, the Tilari Ghat roads are fantastic. It’s recommended to travel early morning as the view from here is mind-blowing with the fog hovering around and covering the lush-green mountains. While we travelled up the ghats, it started raining heavily, and the mist reduced our visibility; hence we had to ride slowly.

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Once you reach right up the ghat, you will start sighting some houses and small villages. As you proceed ahead, you will reach to the Tilari junction, from where you need to take the right which leads you straight to the waterfall. One advice – please do not ask the locals for direction because we were sent in the wrong direction by two of them. We stuck to Google Maps and took the 14km road, which leads to the waterfalls. This road is completely broken, difficult to ride and makes the ride even longer and a bit hectic. Just 2km before reaching the falls, we came across the Forest Dept. check-post since this waterfall lies in the protected area of the forests. The official wouldn’t allow me to get in as he said that the entry to this place is closed. I requested him, and I told him that I came all the way from Goa just to see this waterfall and that I would leave in an hours’ time. He agreed and noted down my details; however, I had to pay an entry fee of Rs.100. I was relieved (for a moment I thought that we had to return) and we rode straight to a gate where we parked our bikes and walked to the waterfall. Don’t worry about the walk – it’s just 5-10 min.

This place is simply soothing to the eyes – the sound of gushing water into a natural pond with a shade of turquoise.


We first went to the top of the waterfall (this waterfall is not much high) and clicked a few pictures. It’s so refreshing in itself, to sit here and just relax for a few.


We then went to the foot of the waterfall. The place looks simply amazing – hard to describe in words and a 3-hour ride was worth it!

This place is ideal for visiting if you don’t wish to walk too much. You can visit with your friends and family, take a dip and relax by the waterfall. This is a perennial waterfall and flows throughout the year since the water comes from the dam. If you ever visit this place with your friends and family, please make sure that you do not carry alcohol and do not litter.

Baba Waterfalls, Maharashtra

After relaxing for about an hour at Tilari, we randomly decided to head over to this beautiful and unique waterfall which is located in the small Chaukul Village in Maharashtra, at a distance of about 89km via Amboli and 92km via Tilari, from Mapusa. Since we were already on the Tilari ghat, it took us about 1.5 hours to reach here. A highway takes you straight to this village where the Baba Waterfall is located. Please note that the location given on Google Maps is not at all accurate – it took us into some forest which was not even close to the waterfall. It would be best if you asked the locals for directions (P.S. Not all the locals here are helpful).

The Baba Waterfall, also known as Kumbwade Waterfall is one of the hidden waterfalls near Amboli and it is bordered by a private property due to which not everyone is easily allowed to go here. But last year, a partial road was constructed that takes you straight to the waterfall and it is now open to the public. Please note that this place is VERY RISKY due to landslides and stones falling from the top.

We had to do a little bit of off-roading to take the bike somewhere closer to the waterfall. As we proceeded towards the waterfall, it was mind-blowing to see how majestically the water was falling in front of a cave and you can actually enter this cave, which leads you to the backside of the fall.

baba waterfall maharashtra

This is the first time I’ve ever seen the rear side of a fall – simply beautiful! You can sight layers of green mountains hiding behind one another through the mist and a flock of birds circling the falls – it’s a treat to the eyes. This waterfall is available only during the monsoons, as you can see in my pictures that I was a little late and hence the flow is less.

I’d advise you to go on your bike because it would take you right to the waterfall; 4 wheeler would not fit in. If you ever visit this waterfall, please be careful of the rocks and landslides. Also, make sure you do not litter the place and try to pick up any litter if you see – one step towards a clean environment.

baba waterfall maharashtra 2

What You Need to Know

We had to skip on lunch as it was already 4:30 pm until we reached back to Dodamarg after we lost the way (one local misled us through some forest). The overall bike trip was great, and this was my first experience in covering this much ground on the bullet. If you ever visit such places, make sure you keep in mind the following:
1. A bike (preferably a geared one) is always better on such trips, over a car. It is more convenient and can lead you through narrow roads.
2. Make use of Google Maps while going to the Tilari waterfall as the locals would not always help you to get to the right place.
3. The Google Maps location for Baba Waterfalls is inaccurate. You would need to ask the locals here (no other option). They mostly speak in Marathi, so if you know Marathi, it’s an add-on.
4. The highway is done up well, and the ride is smooth. However, the inner roads are in very bad condition.
5. Please ride slowly on the ghat, especially if there is too much of fog and rain – diminished visibility
6. Avoid drinking on these spots. It’s not only unsafe but also makes some of the other visitors uncomfortable
6. DO NOT LITTER. Keep the surroundings clean and pick up any litter, if you see and dump it in the right place.

Happy Exploring! Don’t forget to leave your comments below, if you have any queries – I’ll answer all of them. Follow “WanderWithKevin” on Instagram to explore some beautiful destinations, virtually…

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