Baked With Love: Yellow Van Cakery

I never imagined baking could look so very beautiful and taste amazingly delicious at the same time, until I came across Yellow Van Cakery, a couple of months ago.

If you stumble upon their Instagram, Yellow Van Cakery’s feed will leave you awestruck- with its colourful array of cakes and baked goodies! YVC, kickstarted by Grace, a photographer and mom of two, was centred around baking nutritious and delicious bakes for her kids. What started for personal gratification during the span of 2 years has grown into a full-blown enterprise!

Yellow Van Cakery sets itself apart by frosting all their goodies with a personal touch. Everything that is baked is baked with love and passion. Not only that, you also get to customise your products based on your needs; gluten free, vegan products with organic sugars and other flavours, you name it! If this isn’t enough, they also source all their ingredients locally! “We make our own vanilla extracts and other flavours, try to source the freshest of ingredients and never use essence or canned fruits.”

All these wonderful ingredients come together to make a wide array of tantalising baked goods! Their highlights are cakes, cookies and pastries that are baked on order and hence are customisable to every customer’s individual taste.

yellow van cakery 1 anniversary cake

Currently they have restricted their delivery within Margao, wanting to provide only the freshest products to their customers. 

What’s more, everything that is baked is done by Grace herself, so you are ensured the same quality and warmth every time you order from them. This also means their pricing is affordable and orders taken are limited!

Grace thrives on the satisfaction she gets from baking for her kids, and the same goes for her customers. “Customer satisfaction and feedback has kept us going till date. This is why we exist!” For the Yellow Van Cakery, baking isn’t just a business transaction. but a bonding experience. She always brings out the best in what she does, right from baking to connecting with her customers.

I’ve tried so many treats, cakes and pastries from YVC, and Oh My, I still can’t get enough of it *drooling*. Not to forget when Grace made my birthday even more special by sending across a Birthday cake (which is, till date my favourite) and some cookies & brookies 🙂

Yellow Van Cakery, based in Macasana – South Goa, looks forward to expanding its love and warmth across frontiers. They want more families to enjoy their products and indulge in the happiness that they feel when they’re baking.

They aim to be a brand that represents not only happiness and celebration of life, but brings out the art that is baking. With lip-smacking delicacies like theirs, there is no stopping for Yellow Van Cakery!

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